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LUMC Global is a platform for international connectivity in research, education and care. The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) aims to improve healthcare and the health of all people by focusing on international (medical) innovation.

This strong international focus helps us to further optimise and innovate care for patients based on leading research and innovative education. We hope this will ultimately benefit the entire field of medicine.

News & Updates

On the news page of our website you can find updates on our projects and news articles on exciting findings and events within our project.

Chronic respiratory disease often gets misinterpreted as an infection across the globe

December 16, 2021

Wednesday, December 15th 2021, marks a special day as medical journal The Lancet Global Health published a new mixed-method study on mapping low-resource contexts to prepare for lung health interventions in four countries, conducted by the ‘FRESH AIR collaborators’. This international research group, led by the LUMC, found worryingly that chronic respiratory disease (CRD) often gets misinterpreted as an infection, especially as tuberculosis. The study found three themes to address that might prove pivotal for adequate implementation of interventions for CRD.

Introducing LUMC Global PhD Candidate Ni Made Hustrini

December 13, 2021

This year, multiple LUMC Global PhD projects have been set up to stimulate international research collaborations in important topics within Life Sciences & Health. It is our hope that these international research projects will ultimately benefit global healthcare. It is with this idea in mind that we also welcomed Indonesian nephrologist Ni Made Hustrini as an LUMC Global PhD student. She will try to set important steps in unraveling the underlying causes of chronic kidney disease in Indonesia and in understanding a better way to manage it.

Interdisciplinary Research Workshop ‘Housing and Health’ between TU Delft | Global Initiative, LCAB and LUMC Global comes to a successful close

November 15, 2021

Last month we kicked off the pilot study on housing and health, set up by the TU Delft | Global Initiative, Leiden Center for Applied Bioscience (LCAB) and LUMC Global in which 6 groups, consisting of students from all institutes, joined forces to analyse the correlation between spatial conditions of residential neighbourhoods and buildings, and health. All groups developed a comparative analysis of two neighbourhoods in The Hague, with each group looking at different neighbourhoods. Last week, on November 10, they presented their findings and suggestions on the central theme: how do we build a pandemic proof and healthy city?


  • Annual Conferences

  • Various Meetups in Different Cities
  • Interesting collaborations

  • Research

    LUMC Top Research Seminar 26 October 2021


    On 26 October 2021 from 17:00 to 18:30h (CET), we will host the LUMC Top Research Seminar – Theme Cells, Tissues & Organs. During this online Webinar you will see the presentation and speakers on your screen and you can ask questions via the chat function

  • LUMC Top Research Seminar 16 November 2021


    On 16 November 2021 from 17:00 to 18:30h (CET), we will host the LUMC Top Research Seminar – Theme Medical Genomics. This webinar will be in Microsoft Teams and you can ask presenters questions via the chat!

  • LUMC Research Conference 2021


    On November 18th, we will host the LUMC Research Conference 2021, chaired by our director Research Policy Jacqueline Ton, in which we will zoom in on some of the achievements of the LUMC this year. Join us for free via Microsoft Teams!

  • Join the Indonesian WINNER Event 26-28 October, 2021


    This WINNER (Week of Indonesia Netherlands Education and Research) event is a follow-up of the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS), January 2021, and explores forms of cooperation between and within nations to make climate adaptation work for everyone, with a focus on Indonesia and the Netherlands. We will build on the successful international establishment of the Adaptation Action Agenda with high level keynotes. Then, two forms of Indonesia – Netherlands collaboration in urban and rural areas will be highlighted. Finally, we dive into the prerequisites for successful climate adaptation in a session focused on a priority for both the Netherlands and Indonesia: water resilience.

  • Symposia & conferences

    Find a University events 2021


    Find a University (Find a PhD/Find a Master/Find a Postdoc) is hosting several events in the last months of 2021. Check out the events here:

  • Research

    LUMC Top Research Seminar 5 October, 2021


    On 5 October 2021 from 17:00 to 18:30h (CET), we will host the public LUMC Top Research Seminar – Theme – Neuroscience. During this online Webinar you will see the presentation and speakers on your screen and you can ask questions via the chat function.

  • Research

    Virtual PhD Workshop Indonesia – 29 October, 2021


    On Friday 29 October, 2021, Academic Transfer will organize a PhD Workshop in cooperation with Nuffic Neso Indonesia, following the Week of Indonesia-Netherlands Education and Research (WINNER, website to be updated soon).

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