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LUMC Global

LUMC Global is a platform for international connectivity in research, education and care. The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) aims to improve healthcare and the health of all people by focusing on international (medical) innovation. 

This strong international focus helps us to further optimize and innovate care for patients based on leading research and innovative education. We hope this will ultimately benefit the entire field of medicine.


News & Updates

On the news page of our website you can find updates on our projects and news articles on exciting findings and events within our project.

LUF-beurs Prof.dr. A.E. Meinders Fonds

February 6, 2024

Be aware: grant open to both Dutch and English speaking individuals!

LUF scholarships from the Prof. Dr. A.E. Meinders Fund provide support to talented students and PhD candidates in the field of internal medicine. These scholarships are intended for conducting scientific research, such as a portion of a doctoral study or a scientific internship, with a focus on patient care abroad. Preference is given to clinicians over “laboratory assistants.”

A Successful Partnership Between LUMC and Airlangga University

December 16, 2023

In a significant stride towards international collaboration in medical education, LUMC and Airlangga University have fortified their existing partnership. Notably, the collaborative efforts were spearheaded by Artaria Tjempakasari, the coordinator of the Renal and Urinary Tract block for third-year undergraduate medical students at Airlangga University, and Prof. Dr. Joris Rotmans from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC).

VODAN-Africa: a new digital data health infrastructure

December 12, 2023

The VODAN community is inviting everyone to their presentation day on the 21st of December 2023 in Leiden or online in order to provide updates regarding VODAN, certify data stewards and see the presentations from the Fieldlab teams. For more information about registration, see article.


  • Annual Conferences

  • Various Meetups in Different Cities
  • Interesting collaborations

  • LUMC symposium: “Wondzorg – Verbinding”

    2 February 2024

    Be aware! This symposium is in Dutch

    Wondverzorging is de dagelijkse praktijk van verpleegkundigen en verzorgenden.
    Het lijkt zo vanzelfsprekend, daarom kan het goed zijn er eens wat langer stil bij te blijven staan. Tijdens het symposium Wondzorg – Verbinding staan daarom de vele aspecten van wondverzorging centraal.

  • Health Holland – Events


    Top Sector Life Sciences & Health: for vital citizens in a healthy economy

    Health Holland organizes numerous events throughout the year that cater to the interests of individuals, companies and institutions active in the Life Sciences sector. Visit their website for a detailed overview!

  • Regression Analysis 2024

    04 March 2024

    This course considers both theoretical backgrounds and practical aspects of modeling data with regression models. The focus is on linear and logistic regression models, although other models, like Poisson models or non linear regression models for continuous data will also be discussed.

  • International Conference Alerts


    International Conference Alerts serves as an indispensable tool for professionals and academics seeking to stay informed about upcoming global life science conferences! See their website for more information and don’t miss out on any event.

  • DIA Europe 2024

    12-14 March 2024, Brussels, Belgium

    The “Drug Information Association” (DIA) is a international organization that brings together professionals from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, as well as regulators, academics, and other stakeholders involved in the discovery, development, and lifecycle management of medical products.

  • LUMC symposium: “Betere zorg voor ouderen”

    19 March 2024

    Be aware! This symposium is in Dutch!

    Deze dag staat in het teken van de zorg voor de oudere patiënt.

    Het symposium zal zich richten op een scala aan onderwerpen variërend van algemene zorg voor de oudere patiënt, polyfarmacie, chronische ziekten en bijkomende problematiek en palliatieve zorg komen aan bod. Verder zal dieper ingegaan worden op gedragsproblemen bij ouderen, inclusief ongeremd seksueel gedrag en psychiatrie. Tenslotte worden verschillende mogelijkheden voor nazorg besproken. 

  • LUMC Career Zone

    Several events organized from January till May

    LUMC Career Service offers advice on questions about career orientation, internships, job application skills, doubts about your study programme or choosing your master degree.

  • Symposium | Translating Rare Disease Research into a Therapy

    Tuesday 26 March, 2024

    On Tuesday 26 March the LUMC will host a symposium entitled Translating Rare Disease Research into a Therapy, which is an initiative from the Termeer foundation, Health Holland and Hollandbio.

  • Meta Analysis 2024

    26 March 2024

    This course provides a broad overview of topics in meta-analysis. Most standard topics in meta-analysis will be covered, such as risk of bias analysis, searching studies, fixed versus random effect models, heterogeneity, publication bias, differences between meta-analysis of randomized trials and meta-analysis observational studies.

  • Statistical Aspects of Clinical Trials 2024

    8 April 2024

    In this 2,5 day course, the design and analysis of clinical trials will be considered from a biostatistical/methodological perspective.