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  • LUMC Top Research Seminar 26 October 2021

LUMC Top Research Seminar 26 October 2021


On 26 October 2021 from 17:00 to 18:30h (CET), we will host the LUMC Top Research Seminar – Theme Cells, Tissues & Organs. During this online Webinar you will see the presentation and speakers on your screen and you can ask questions via the chat function


17.00 – 17.05                   Introduction of the theme Cells, Tissues, and Organs

                                        Christine Mummery (ANA)

 17.05 – 17.25                  Subtheme Reg Med / gene therapy

                                        Reg Med meets personalized medicine: gene therapy for RAG1-SCID

                                        Frank Staal (IMMU)

 17.25 – 17.45                  Subtheme Reg Med / cell therapy

                                        Development of sustainable regenerative cell therapy for osteoarthritis

                                        Ingrid Meulenbelt (MOLEPI)

 17.45 – 18.05                  Subtheme Disease modelling

                                        Gene editing with a grain of salt

                                        Niels Geijsen (ANA)

 18.05 – 18.25                 Subtheme Transplantation

                                        Deciphering clinical ischemia reperfusion injury: an unfolding story

                                        Jan Lindeman (HLK)

 18.25 – 18.30                 Conclusion and closing

                                        Ian Alwayn (HLK)

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