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LUMC Top Research Seminar Immunology

Body cells under a microscope. A good illustration as a representation of research of stem cells, cellular therapy and regeneration and many other concepts. 3D illustration

Join us June1st at 17:00h (CET) for a top research seminar on Immunology. Check out the program and event link in the ‘Read more’ section.

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17.00                     Introduction of the theme

                              Prof. Dr. Jannie Borst, dept Immunlogy

17.05                     Unraveling T-cell activation in anti-tumor immunity

                              Dr. Ramon Arens, dept Immunology

17.20                     Deciphering the tumor microenvironment of oropharyngeal tumors – relation to clinical outcome

                              Dr. Saskia Santegoets, dept Medical Oncology

17.35                     Identification of immune cells with anti-cancer activity in colorectal cancer

                              Dr. Noel de Miranda, dept Pathology

17.50                     Design of T cell based immune therapy in cancer

                              Dr. Mirjam Heemskerk, dept Hematology

18.10                     Q&A based on questions in chat

                              Moderated by Dr. Nadine van Montfort, dept Gastroentelogy

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