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Symposium January 11th – Selective fetal growth restriction: diagnosis, management and outcome

Holding Hands

On January the 11th, 2023, the symposium on Selective fetal growth restriction: diagnosis, management and outcome, will take place. You can now sign up for the online event for free!

The symposium will be streamed live from The Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw (KOG) in Leiden, the Netherlands. The KOG is the old physics laboratory and current Faculty of Law of Leiden University.


10:00-10:05 – Word of welcome and program

Moderators: Monique Haak and Dick Oepkes

Pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management

10:05-10:25 – Pathophysiology: does the answer lie in the placenta?

Liesbeth Lewi | MFM-specialist, UZ Leuven

10:25-10:45 – Antenatal diagnosis: does the answer lie in the Doppler?

Asma Khalil | MFM-specialist, St. George’s University Hospital London

10:45-11:10 – Management: what should MFM-specialists know and do?

Femke Slaghekke | MFM-specialist, Leiden University Medical Center

11:10-11:30 – Coffee break

Short- and long-term outcomes

11:30-11:55 – Neonatal outcome: what should neonatologists know and do?

Enrico Lopriore | Neonatologist, Leiden University Medical Center

11:55-12:20 – Neurodevelopmental outcome: what can we tell parents?

Jeanine van Klink | Psychologist, Leiden University Medical Center

12:20-12:40 – Future perspectives: what are the next steps in research?

Sophie Groene | Researcher, Leiden University Medical Center

12:40 – Lunch break

15:00 – Thesis defense: Selective fetal growth restriction  in identical twins: from womb to adolescence’ by Sophie Groene

Thesis defense
The thesis defense will be streamed from the Academy Building, the oldest building at the heart of Leiden University. The live stream is freely accessible here.

Special guest
A Dutch mother of monochorionic twins with selective fetal growth restriction, now twelve years old, will join us to share her experiences during pregnancy, after birth and at later age.

You can either join online for free or in-person, including lunch, drinks and networking opportunity for 35 EUR.