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  • Twin Talks Webinar, June 29th – TAPS Support Foundation

Twin Talks Webinar, June 29th – TAPS Support Foundation

In 2021, we are working with our advisors and patron and creating a special series of webinars covering the topics you’ve requested. In all our sessions, we will have a panel of experts talking live, and answering your questions.

The Twin Talks Webinars are aimed at twin parents, but also family members and carers who want to learn more about their diagnosis. We also encourage doctors, specialists, nurses, and medical teams to join, and find out what patients are asking about twins, so they can help future families.

First webinar

June 29th: Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence 101
We answer the questions that you want to know about TAPS
07:00 am PDT, 9:00 am CDT, 10:00 am EDT, 3:00 pm BST 4:00pm CEST 12:00am AEST

Speakers: Prof. Enrico Lopriore, Dr. Femke Slaghekke, Dr. Lisanne Tollenaar, Dr. Joanne Verweij & Dr. Jeanine van Klink

Patient special guest: Bethany Beck, TAPS parent (Ohio, USA)

Moderator: Stephanie Ernst, TAPS Support Foundation

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