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An important aspect of any international research or educational enquiry is finances. Here, we provide you with an overview of different funding opportunities for your project.


Students looking for support and funding for their research or education opportunities abroad or when coming to Leiden can explore the following websites. There are more funding opportunities depending on your specific situation. If you are coming to study at the LUMC, please contact LUMC global to learn more about student funding.

Information about student funding

General information

The Leiden University student website provides basis information on studying abroad and related financial matters.

The Financial Matters page on the Leiden University student website provides information on funding opportunities and tips & tricks financially when studying abroad.

Funding opportunities

Euroscholars offers a unique research abroad program designed for advanced and talented undergraduate students from US and Canadian institutions looking for an international research experience.

Students applying to LUMC’s master programmes can apply for the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LExS). Check out the criteria via the link.

The Erasmus+ programme, an initiative of the European Commission, makes a substantial contribution to Leiden University’s internationalization goals. Erasmus+ provides grants for educational projects with partners in and outside Europe, as well as facilitating international student and staff exchange.

The LUMC is part of the Eurolife consortium. Each year Eurolife offers 18 grants to undergraduate and master students of the partner institutions to carry out the practical part of their studies – research – at one of the Eurolife institutions.

How much does it cost to live and study in the Netherlands? And how are you going to finance all of this? Find out your options through Study in Holland and find funding opportunities!

Beursopener provides an elaborate list of different grants and scholarships you can apply for for your study project or program.


Researchers looking to collaborate with international partners, aiming for international research mobility, can explore the following funding options. All funding opportunities mentioned below are recurring grants once or several times a year. Also check out our LUMC Research Grants and Support page on Before applying for any of the funding possiblities mentioned below, please contact for more information.

Research grants

Individual grants & awards

Country-specific grants

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Consortium grants