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A Successful Partnership Between LUMC and Airlangga University

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December 16, 2023

In a significant stride towards international collaboration in medical education, LUMC and Airlangga University have fortified their existing partnership. Notably, the collaborative efforts were spearheaded by Artaria Tjempakasari, the coordinator of the Renal and Urinary Tract block for third-year undergraduate medical students at Airlangga University, and Prof. Dr. Joris Rotmans from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC).

The driving force behind this initiative was to elevate the existing partnership to new heights. To achieve this, both institutions organized an online guest lecture by Prof. Rotmans, aimed at third-year undergraduate medical students at Airlangga University. The lecture covered a spectrum of crucial topics about the field of nephrology.

Prior to the lecture, Prof. Joris had assigned several exercises to the students to ensure thorough preparation. The collaboration not only showcased the dedication of the students but also highlighted their impressive level of enthusiasm. Prof. Joris, reflecting on the experience, expressed, “It was really fun to give a lecture to these students. I am quite impressed with the level of preparation and enthusiasm they demonstrated.”

The success of this venture has laid a solid foundation for the continuation of the collaboration between LUMC Global and Airlangga University. Both parties are eager to build upon this achievement, fostering a sustained exchange of knowledge and expertise in the field of medicine. The commitment to further collaboration is underscored by Prof. Joris, who affirmed, “This collaboration will definitely continue.”

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