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Above-average Keuzegids rating for LUMC Masters

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May 7, 2024

Every year, the Dutch ‘Keuzegids Masters’ ranks all master’s programs based on student evaluations from the National Student Survey (NSE). LUMC masters have been rated above average.

This year too, the master’s programs in Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy, Medicine, Health, Ageing & Society, Population Health Management, and Technical Medicine have received good ratings in the ‘Keuzegids Masters’.

“At LUMC, we work on excellent education  every day, including students, faculty, , coordinators and program directors, organizers, advisors, and support staff. It is great to see that we have received such great ratings in the ‘Keuzegids Masters’ again this year. We are proud of that, and we will continue to strive for improvement,” says Ronald van den Bos, LUMC’s Director of Education.


For each master’s program, student assessment is based on the following themes: content, faculty, assessment, preparation for career, and atmosphere. The LUMC master’s programs are rated as follows:

  • Biomedical Sciences is one of the best biomedical master’s programs in the Netherlands. Based on the data from the NSE, the master’s program scores above average on the themes ‘content’ and ‘preparation for career’;
  • Students rate the Pharmacy program in Leiden as the best Pharmacy program nationally. The Pharmacy master’s program receives above-average ratings on the themes: ‘preparation for career’, ‘teachers’, and ‘atmosphere’;
  • Preparation for career in Medicine receives a good rating. 98% of the graduates have found a job. Both in this program as in other medical masters there is room for improvement regarding student assessment;
  • The master’s program in Health, Ageing & Society (formerly known as Vitality and Ageing) is rated with excellent marks by students on the aspects of ‘faculty’, ‘assessment’, and ‘atmosphere’, and scores above average on ‘content’ and ‘preparation for career’;
  • The Population Health Management program receives an average rating for ‘preparation for career’. The master’s program further scores above average on the aspects of ‘content’, ‘teachers’, ‘assessment’, and ‘atmosphere’;
  • The master’s program in Technical Medicine (offered jointly with Delft and Rotterdam) scores similarly in the benchmark. The master’s program scores above average in ‘preparation for career’.

More information about the ratings can be found in the ‘Keuzegids Masters 2024’.

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