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LUMC – Indonesia collaborations reach new highlights

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October 20, 2022

One of the key focus countries for the LUMC in working on global health challenges is Indonesia. Through the LUMC Global programme, and in collaboration with multiple stakeholders, collaborations with numerous top institutions in Indonesia have resulted in wonderful results and experiences, for instance in student mobility.

With the new academic year having been kicked off, as many as 28 Indonesian students have joined the LUMC for studies during the first semester. They were all welcomed by dean Prof. Pancras Hogendoorn along other (international) students during the LUMC faculty morning taking place during the Orientation Week Leiden (OWL) 2022. All students represent either the Universitas Indonesia or Atma Jaya University.

The opposite route is also being taken. During the half minor phase of the bachelor programmes Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, LUMC students have the option to conduct research and fieldwork in Makassar, Indonesia. 5 students have traveled to Indonesia for their studies. Exciting times for the students and the institutions. We hope the Indonesian and LUMC students gain valuable knowledge and a wonderful experience!

During this year’s Week of Indonesia – Netherlands Education and Research (WINNER), we have more exciting updates to share on our strong and mutual partnerships with Indonesian universities.

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Chronic respiratory disease often gets misinterpreted as an infection across the globe

December 16, 2021

Wednesday, December 15th 2021, marks a special day as medical journal The Lancet Global Health published a new mixed-method study on mapping low-resource contexts to prepare for lung health interventions in four countries, conducted by the ‘FRESH AIR collaborators’. This international research group, led by the LUMC, found worryingly that chronic respiratory disease (CRD) often gets misinterpreted as an infection, especially as tuberculosis. The study found three themes to address that might prove pivotal for adequate implementation of interventions for CRD.

LUMC will host several online summer schools in 2021

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In the summer of 2021, the LUMC will host numerous summer schools on varying topics. All summer courses will be online due to COVID, making it possible for international students to join more easily!

Fireside chat on pandemic preparedness during the Global Impact in Health symposium – a teaser with Hans Schikan of what to expect

May 5, 2022

During the Global Impact in Health Symposium, Dr. Emile Bienvenu, Director General of the Food and Drug Authority of Rwanda and Hans Schikan, PharmD, Topteam Member Dutch Topsector Life Sciences & Health (Health Holland, organizing partner of the symposium) and former Special Envoy for Vaccines will reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic till date and discuss how to create a better global ecosystem to generate more impact on patients. Hans Schikan shares his experience as Special Envoy for Vaccines and what he expects from the fireside chat with Dr. Emile Bienvenu.

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