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LUMC visits University of Edinburgh

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December 6, 2022

A delegation of the LUMC visited the University of Edinburgh (UoE) from 9 till 11 November for multiple purposes, but for one thing in particular: to strengthen bonds. With just over a handful of colleagues, the LUMC traveled to Edinburgh to discuss current projects and future collaborations!

The week centered around the Eurolife network meetings, which were this time organized by the UoE. Colleagues from the Eurolife network, consisting of UoE, Semmelweis University, the University of Strasbourg, Karolinska Institutet, University Medical Center Gottingen, Medical University Innsbruck, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Barcelona, and the LUMC, discussed the collaboration strategy, current projects and other topics in the Education Alliance, Research and Steering Committee meetings. A multiplier event hosted by the network elaborated on the current two-year DATAETHICS project in which LUMC will host a winter school for students in Life Sciences & Health coming January for which you can sign up here! You can also read more about the DATAETHICS and the projects there.

UoE and LUMC have had successful collaborations throughout many years, for instance in student exchange and research projects. For the latter, the institutions for instance work on the One Health joint PhD programme, in which as many as eight different PhD projects have been introduced, supervised by both professors from UoE and LUMC and with students from both institutions. Students from the LUMC currently doing a semester in Edinburgh presented their experiences with great enthusiasm are excited to have been given the opportunity to study abroad during their studies.

These are just some snippets of the projects the two partners work on. The meetings proved fruitful to explore even more possibilities for collaboration and to assess how we can improve current activities. We thank the colleagues of UoE for the warm welcome and the lovely stay in Scotland!

More news & updates

LUMC professor and member of the LUMC Global Steering Committee, Maria Yazdanbakhsh receives Spinoza Prize

September 7, 2021

Leiden professor of Cellular Immunology of Parasitic Infections Maria Yazdanbakhsh receives the prestigious NWO Spinoza Prize this year. This border-crossing scientist contributes to more effective vaccines against parasitic infections and better medication for inflammatory diseases. She will spend the 2.5 million euros she receives on, among other things, developing young talent, with an emphasis on diversity.

LUMC Global PhD candidate Ni Made Hustrini publishes first paper as first author

October 20, 2022

We celebrate a proud moment for the LUMC Global team as Ni Made Hustrini, who started her PhD project about a year ago, publishes her first paper as first author. Together with fellow authors Endang Susalit and Prof. Joris Rotmans her article titled ‘Prevalence and risk factors for chronic kidney disease in Indonesia: An analysis of the National Basic Health Survey 2018’has been recently published in the Journal of Global Health, a subject related to Made’s PhD project on chronic kidney disease.

Introducing LUMC Global PhD Candidate Ni Made Hustrini

December 13, 2021

This year, multiple LUMC Global PhD projects have been set up to stimulate international research collaborations in important topics within Life Sciences & Health. It is our hope that these international research projects will ultimately benefit global healthcare. It is with this idea in mind that we also welcomed Indonesian nephrologist Ni Made Hustrini as an LUMC Global PhD student. She will try to set important steps in unraveling the underlying causes of chronic kidney disease in Indonesia and in understanding a better way to manage it.