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Visit of the Indonesian Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin to the LUMC

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June 18, 2024

On may 29th, the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) had the honor of receiving the Indonesian Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, and two attachés from the Indonesian embassy. The visit was all about collaboration in the fields of healthcare, education and research.

The morning started in the Radiology lab, where Minister Sadikin had a constructive conversation with LUMC researchers Andrew Webb and Tom O’Reilly. During this visit, the minister and his delegation received a demonstration of the innovative portable MRI device from the LUMC. This device, developed by Webb, offers promising opportunities for healthcare in remote and difficult-to-reach areas, where traditional MRI equipment is often unavailable or difficult to maintain.

After a short lunch break, a welcome session was held in honor of the Minister and his delegation. This session was attended by Indonesian students, PhD candidates and researchers from all over the Netherlands. LUMC professor Maria Yazdanbakhsh gave a fascinating presentation about LUMC Global, in which she highlighted the extensive cooperation between the LUMC and Indonesia. This collaboration includes a joint PhD program with Indonesian universities and joint research projects.

In the field of education, the LUMC has partnerships with seven Indonesian medical faculties. These collaborations include student exchange programs, joint half-minors and summer schools. Over the years, more than 150 Indonesian students have studied at the LUMC and more than 100 LUMC students have gone to Indonesia to follow part of their studies there. In addition, the medical faculty of Universitas Indonesia is working together with the LUMC master’s program in Health, Aging and Society on a program in which the Dutch master’s degree becomes an integral part of the international study program of the Indonesian medical faculty.

In the field of healthcare, the collaboration focuses on the training of academic nurses and clinical staff. After Maria Yazdanbakhsh’s presentation, four Indonesian LUMC PhD students were given the opportunity to pitch their research to the audience.

Board Chairman Douwe Biesma and Vice Dean for Education Alexandra Langers warmly welcomed the minister and his delegation. Then Minister Sadikin himself took the floor. He highlighted the impact of his policies on healthcare in Indonesia and shared his ambitious plans, including setting up ten thousand new health centers in the country. Since cerebral infarctions and cerebral hemorrhages are one of the four leading causes of death in Indonesia and a correct diagnosis requires an MRI, he is considering using Andrew Webb’s portable MRIs in these health centers. These devices are easier to maintain and provide a practical solution for large-scale deployment.

The visit concluded with drinks, during which those present had the opportunity to have their picture taken with the minister.

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