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In the coming years, the LUMC will step out even more and bring the outside world in. The number of international contacts between individual researchers, doctors and professionals is already many times higher than the number of employees at the Leiden University Medical Center and will increase even further.

Together with some of the world’s most renowned universities as our sustainable partners, we strive to create new synergies and cross-pollination. We encourage research collaboration and increase student, researcher and staff mobility. These partnerships are crucial in reaching the goals outlined in LUMC’s strategic plan. Join us in our mission!

Local partnerships

The LUMC has strategic partnerships with many top institutes in Europe and is part of several European consortia to further boost LUMC’s position as a top-tier organization in the continent. The LUMC is, for instance, part of consortia such as Eurolife and LERU. Read more about our European partnerships here.

European Alliances

The LUMC has decennia long collaborations in research and education with multiple renowned universities and institutes outside Europe.

LUMC Global will focus on the consolidation and expansion of strategic partnerships with several targeted institutions in our focus countries: China, Indonesia, Brazil and Japan.

Intercontinental Alliances