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LUMC has a strong focus on research. We connect and combine fundamental research into disease-causing mechanisms with patient-focused studies in areas like oncology, regenerative medicine and population health.

The LUMC has research facilities that include capabilities for multiple appliances. The combination of clinical and societal outreach programmes allows for ground-breaking research and innovation in basic and applied science.

Research themes

Within LUMC different specialists work together around several research themes. Combining cross-border expertise may solve biomedical problems and bring answers not found when working in a stand-alone fashion. The research themes are:

  • Academic Pharma
  • Neuroscience
  • Cancer
  • Immunity
  • Cell tissue & organ
  • Cardiovascular
  • Medical Genomics
  • Infection
  • LifecoursePrevention & lifestyle”


The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) has a strong history of conducting top-quality research. Researchers at the LUMC have contributed to ground-breaking academic medical research throughout the years. 

The LUMC is also delighted to be and to have been host institution for a large number of European Research Council (ERC) projects, as well as Horizon2020 grants.

Prizes, grants and scholarships

Some interesting recent projects

PhDs & Postdocs

Studying for a PhD or being a postdoc at the LUMC means working together to break new ground. We offer people from all over the world a platform on which they can put their passion into practice.

We have a unique setting with a premium infrastructure. The collaboration between the LUMC, Leiden University and the Leiden Bio Science Park also creates unique possibilities for medical innovation.

LUMC has hosted many (joint) international PhDs and postdocs. This has resulted in opening our eyes to new and different ways of working on complex (bio)medical research questions. It has also provided us with a vastly international academic staff. The coming years, LUMC Global will boost even more international PhDs and postdocs coming to Leiden. 

LUMC researchers extensively gain international experience through participation in European research projects for which they travel to other EU countries, as well as other continents, such as Africa, Asia and the Americas.