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The LUMC Global platform is an essential part of our goal to innovate and improve healthcare. We actively seek out opportunities for international collaboration and foster and further build upon existing international partnerships.

As an innovator, the LUMC stands for the continuous improvement of healthcare and the health of all people. As a knowledge institute with a strong international focus, we realise this mission by achieving optimal and innovative care for patients based on leading research and innovative education.

LUMC’s geographical location in Leiden Science City is exceptionally favourable. Western Europe is one of the leading regions in the world in Life Sciences & Health, with a high concentration of knowledge-intensive institutions. The province of South Holland, with its large concentration of companies in the Leiden Bio Science Park and the Medical Delta, is internationally recognised as an essential player in Life Sciences & Health.

Here, public and private parties work together on important (bio)medical and technological innovations and care renewal. We are always looking for regional, European and international connections with partners that are complementary to our objectives and that add value to improving and innovating global care, health and medicine.

Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

LUMC Global is a platform for international connectivity in research, education and care. We reach out, stimulate, consolidate, and streamline multilateral initiatives that will generate the future leaders in health science. These leaders will transcend borders.

Our medical centre not only excels in (bio)medical education and research, but also in innovative care provision and technology. This provides us with a unique profile to make a global impact on improving healthcare and the health of all people. LUMC Global is, thus, an essential part of the organisation’s main strategy.


The LUMC Global program has already contributed to numerous initiatives for global outreach and international collaboration and connection. This way, we aim to benefit all parties involved and, ultimately, the field of medicine as a whole.

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    Get in touch! We are constantly looking for new connections to join us in collaborative efforts to improve healthcare and people’s health globally.

    Should you have any questions or ideas, you can reach us via email.

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    Image of Suze Kruisheer, Lead LUMC Global

    Suze Kruisheer

    Lead LUMC Global

    “Our goal is to consolidate and expand meaningful international partnerships”

    Evelien Hack

    Evelien Hack

    Head International office

    “Internationalisation is a way of life”

    Eoin Hennekam

    Eoin Hennekam

    International Programmes Officer

    “We are a dedicated partner for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)”

    Maria Yazdanbakhsh

    Maria Yazdanbakhsh

    Chair LUMC Global and professor Parasitology

    “Science has no borders”

    Frans van Nieuwpoort

    Frans van Nieuwpoort

    Senior Advisor Research Alliances

    “Internationalisation is key to solving big issues, by combining expertise from different scientific institutes, research fields, cultures and people”

    Pieter de Koning

    Pieter de Koning

    Advisor European Research Funding

    “International collaboration is more than joint research projects: you learn about other cultures and make new friends”

    Ludo Westerveld

    Ludo Westerveld


    “By indulging in and learning from international collaboration, individuals and the scientific community can prosper.”

    Ellis Nieveen


    Internationalisation is an essential building block for innovation, to bring about change through transferable skills, creativity and ambition”

    Jacqueline Ton


    “Diversity is a prerequisite for local and worldwide societal impact. Internationalization leads to diversity.”

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