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LUMC Global & HypoVax Global Workshop

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November 15, 2023

ECTMIH Academy, Sunday 19 November 2023, 14:00 – 15:30, Social Impact Factory Utrecht

Partnerships are a core element of Global Health research. Partnerships can be organized in a bilateral or multilateral structure, either geared towards an individual research project or focused on institutional-level collaborations. There may be many other forms of partnerships you can think of; be it between research groups only or including public and private partners. A ‘knowledge hub’ is the more complex type of partnership through which, according to the World Bank (2013) institutions or networks are dedicated to capture, share and exchange development experiences with national and international partners in order to accelerate development.

For a knowledge hub to be truly global and effectively respond to global health challenges, we are convinced it should also be equitable. But what does that mean in practice?

Take the global health challenge towards better performance of vaccines worldwide. There is an urgent need to find the specific factors driving differences in immune responses to vaccines. The newly set-up HypoVax Global Knowledge hub aims to tackle the problem of vaccine hyporesponsiveness by creating a platform that mobilises global researchers working in diverse fields related to vaccines to form a strong network focused on the Global South.

Inspired by this example, we will, together with young researchers from around the world, tackle the steps and components required to develop a global health focused knowledge hub with global relevance. You can still join us during the ECTMIH2023 pre-conference ECTMIH Academy and register through this link!

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Join the Indonesian WINNER Event 26-28 October, 2021

October 12, 2021

This WINNER (Week of Indonesia Netherlands Education and Research) event is a follow-up of the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS), January 2021, and explores forms of cooperation between and within nations to make climate adaptation work for everyone, with a focus on Indonesia and the Netherlands. We will build on the successful international establishment of the Adaptation Action Agenda with high level keynotes. Then, two forms of Indonesia – Netherlands collaboration in urban and rural areas will be highlighted. Finally, we dive into the prerequisites for successful climate adaptation in a session focused on a priority for both the Netherlands and Indonesia: water resilience.

Improving maternal care in Ethiopia through PhD collaboration between Universities of Oxford, Haramaya and the LUMC

June 20, 2023

Sagni Girma Fage and Mohammed Yuya Ebro, two LUMC Global PhD students, are busy conducting research in eastern Ethiopia through a project called Ethiopian Obstetric Surveillance System (EthOSS)”. This is a collaboration between Haramaya University (Ethiopia), the University of Oxford (UK), and LUMC which is active in 13 public hospitals in eastern Ethiopia. They are trying to identify determinants of maternal death such as perinatal hemorrhage in order to develop and implement new interventions to prevent future maternal deaths.

Population Health Management (MSc)

March 17, 2021

Today’s health care system faces many challenges. The new interdisciplinary two years master PHM will train you to contribute to a more integrated health care system.

What does this master’s programme entail?

Health care faces ageing populations, rising health care costs, fragmented health care supply and advancing medical technologies and IT systems. Health care professionals will require new competences to meet these challenges in the current health care system. Population Health Management (PHM) is a broadly based response to the challenges and has emerged worldwide as an important strategy for health care