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The LUMC welcomes as many as three different delegations in Leiden

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October 4, 2022

The final week of September 2022 marked a very special week as the LUMC had the honour of welcoming not one, not two, but three different delegations to the academic hospital. Spearheaded by the LUMC Global team, we welcomed delegates from Indonesia, Malaysia and the United States of America to discuss possibilities for international collaboration.

We kicked off a highly interesting week on Monday the 26th with delegates from Airlangga University, Indonesia. Having already set up multiple viable collaborations with Indonesia, the LUMC sought out to discover even more opportunities for collaborations in Indonesia with prominent university and hospital Airlangga. After a plenary introduction of both institutions, the morning continued with visits to different departments, focusing on different disciplines, namely: Infectious Diseaseas, Gynaecology and Orthopedics. LUMC researchers presented their work and further discussed opportunities for collaboration with their Indonesian peers. The meeting ended with a lunch at the faculty club of Leiden University.

Then, on Wednesday the 28th, we had the pleasure of welcoming a delegation from San Diego, USA. The delegation was comprised of different organisations working in the Life Sciences and Health sector on ground breaking innovations, research and education, such as UC San Diego and the San Diego State University. After having the pleasure of sharing ideas in the morning, the delegation received a ‘tour’ on the Leiden Bio Science Park to see the top-notch biomedical hub in Leiden and in what areas we are bringing about global impact.

Last, but definitely not least, was the visit of the Malaysian delegation from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), a visit that marked one of the highlights of the week, namely that of the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between LUMC’s National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL) and UiTM. For LUMC Global, the formalization of the collaboration was an honour to be a part of and a testament to why we do what we do: only together can we truly have an impact on global health challenges and solve tomorrow’s problems. The rapid development of UiTM perfectly fits with the innovative nature of NeLL’s work. Together, they will work on innovations in eHealth to benefit patients from all over the world.

Thanks to all for a truly inspiring, fruitful and positive week. At LUMC Global, we aim to set up even more collaborations and urge anyone to get in touch!

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Maria Yazdanbakhsh

LUMC professor and member of the LUMC Global Steering Committee, Maria Yazdanbakhsh receives Spinoza Prize

September 7, 2021

Leiden professor of Cellular Immunology of Parasitic Infections Maria Yazdanbakhsh receives the prestigious NWO Spinoza Prize this year. This border-crossing scientist contributes to more effective vaccines against parasitic infections and better medication for inflammatory diseases. She will spend the 2.5 million euros she receives on, among other things, developing young talent, with an emphasis on diversity.

LUMC Global PhD candidate Ni Made Hustrini publishes first paper as first author

October 20, 2022

We celebrate a proud moment for the LUMC Global team as Ni Made Hustrini, who started her PhD project about a year ago, publishes her first paper as first author. Together with fellow authors Endang Susalit and Prof. Joris Rotmans her article titled ‘Prevalence and risk factors for chronic kidney disease in Indonesia: An analysis of the National Basic Health Survey 2018’has been recently published in the Journal of Global Health, a subject related to Made’s PhD project on chronic kidney disease.

Introducing LUMC Global PhD Candidate Ni Made Hustrini

December 13, 2021

This year, multiple LUMC Global PhD projects have been set up to stimulate international research collaborations in important topics within Life Sciences & Health. It is our hope that these international research projects will ultimately benefit global healthcare. It is with this idea in mind that we also welcomed Indonesian nephrologist Ni Made Hustrini as an LUMC Global PhD student. She will try to set important steps in unraveling the underlying causes of chronic kidney disease in Indonesia and in understanding a better way to manage it.

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