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ESOF 2022, 13-16 July, 2022

Join the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2022 week during Leiden2022, European city of science! The main theme of the 10th edition of ESOF2022 is Crossing Borders, Engaged Science, Resilient Societies.  

In today’s global context, we can no longer go it alone when it comes to tackling the complex issues facing the environment and our societies. Geographical borders have little meaning since we all on the same planet and dealing with many of the same problems. Therefore, this year’s conference theme is all about unity and bridging gaps not just between the humanities, the social science, the natural, medical and physical sciences but also between scientists, policy makers, the media and the general public. We need all stakeholders of science and society from all over the world to cross knowledge and geographical borders and come together to discuss, adapt, and collaborate on innovative and timely interventions needed to solve the challenges we are facing today. This is reflected in the conference theme and its seven themes.

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