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LUMC Top Research Seminar – Theme Cancer – April 19th, 2022

Join us on April 19 for the LUMC Top Research Seminar on Cancer. Check out the program here.


17.00IntroductionProf. dr. Haico van Attikum (HG)
17.05Understanding and exploiting DNA break repair – polymerase theta inhibition enters the clinicProf. dr. Marcel Tijsterman (HG)
17.15AI innovations for radiation oncologyDr. Tanja Alderliesten (RT)
17.25Site-directed Antibody conjugation using ubiquitin ligation as a framework for cancer therapiesDr. Ferenc Scheeren (HUID)
17.35From PORTEC to TransPORTEC to RAINBO: clinical implications of translational researchProf. dr. Carien Creutzberg (RT)
17.45Activating the immune system by inhibiting Small Ubiquitin-like ModifiersProf. dr. Alfred Vertegaal (CCB)
17.55Top referral care for bone and soft tissue tumors in the LUMC: from bench to bedsideProf. dr. Judith Bovee (PATH)
18.05Discussion & Closure 

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