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May 28th till June 5th 2022 | Life Sciences and Health Week

The Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) is the biggest Life Sciences and Health (LSH) cluster in the Netherlands. In the past 35 years, the LBSP has acquired a strong, worldwide leading position where talented individuals, researchers and entrepreneurs get connected with each other to work on (research) projects that contribute to important health(care) challenges. The LBSP is home to education and research institutions, unique facilities and valuable collaborative connections in the entire chain of medicine development. During the Life Sciences and Health Week, to which the LUMC is actively contributing, many of the unique activities taking place at the LBSP and involved stakeholders will be showcased in a diverse and expansive programme!

During the European Life Sciences and Health Week different stakeholders from Leiden, Europe and the rest of the world will come together to showcase and discuss groundbreaking innovations and scientific excellence in (bio) medical sciences. Together with researcher, corporates, civilians and civil society organizations we want to stimulate scientific and societal knowledge exchange. With a diverse programme consisting of many different activities for all who are interested, the week promises to be a unique and wonderful experience. Check out the program and join us during the week!